Choose Your View

When you first visit the page, use the pan and zoom controls to select the region you would like to view. The red boxes are the CSO model domains.

Choose Your Date and Options

Use the date slider at upper left to choose the date you would like to view. By clicking on 'map,' you can toggle between a map or a terrain baselayer. Finally, by clicking on 'layers' at upper right, you can adjust the transparency of the snow layer you are looking at. This allows you to see the terrain underneath.

Control the Colors!

Use the slider next to each snow product to adjust the colorbar range. Explore different limits to make the snow layers visually appealing to your own eye.

See the Snowpack Change

A great feature of mountainsnow is that you can view 72 hour changes in the snow depth. In this way, you can see where things are melting out and where new large dumps of snow have occurred.

See YOUR Impact!

Finally, just in case you were wondering about the impact that Community Snow Observations participants had on the modeled snow, we've got that covered too. This layer shows the difference in snow depth when we include SNOTEL and CSO data, compared to the case when we do not. If it's blue, data assimilation is making the snow deeper and if it's red, the assimilation is making the snow less deep.